Rosibi Osifi
11th Level Gnome Rogue
Armour Type
Defensive Bonus

Herbs & Poisons

Basic Profile
Name Rosibi Osifi
Player Jacob
Level 11th
Gender Female
Race Gnome
Profession Rogue
Alignment True Neutral
Date of Birth 10th of Alturiak, 1257
Age 89
Height 3' 0"
Weight 80lbs
Hair Colour Red
Eye Colour Blue
Hometown Unknown,
Movement 39' /60'
Experience 183,567
Next Level 210,000
Infravision 60'
Soul Departure 18

Additional Details
Handedness Right Handed
Birthmarks None
Scars None
Hobbies None
Allergies None
Phobias None
Addictions None
Prejudices None

Family Details
Father Kornelius Osifi
Mother Princhella Osifi
Siblings None
Marital Status Single
Spouse / Partner None
Children None

Rank Development Cost: 3/*
Language Spoken Written
Common 5 5
Gnome 8 3
Thieves Cant 5 5
Back Story
As the eldest daughter of Kornelius & Pronchella Osifi, Rosibi, from the day of her birth, was 12th in line for the throne of Lantan, the gnomish island nation in the Trackless Sea. Kornelius was 11th in line and had run away with his peasant love Pronchella in 1254 to seek a life of adventure away from royal courts and royal expectations. They settled in Tilverton in 1256 and give birth to their daughter the following year. Life for the three of them was good.

After the disasterous smokepowder explosions of 1341 that destroyed most of the royal palace, Kornelius became 5th in line and Rosibi 6th in line to the throne. The Royal court sent messengers and soldiers out to search far and wide for the wayward royal to bring him home.

In 1346 Kornelius caught sight of the gnomish royal troops hunting through Tilverton and immediately raced home and sent Rosibi off into the forest to hide and flee. He promised to keep Rosibi's birth a secret so that his daughter could have the freedom to find her own way in the world. Kornelius and Pronchella were packed up and taken back to Lantan by their royal "escorts".

Rosibi made her way North, excited to be able to travel and see the world. She met up with several elven adventurers and together they made their way to Shadowdale to seek employment.

Rosibi is as carefree as they come. Quick with wit and even quicker picking your pockets, Rosibi is dedicated to simply having fun. Everyone takes things too seriously, especially the theft of their purses it seems. Rosibi knows however that Garl Glittergold sees the Joke!