Linguer Alkoris
11th Level Wood Elf Ranger
Power Points
Armour Type
Defensive Bonus

Herbs & Poisons

Basic Profile
Name Linguer Alkoris
Player Joey
Level 11th
Gender Male
Race Wood Elf
Profession Ranger
Alignment Chaotic Good
Date of Birth 7th of Kythorn, 1227
Age 119
Height 6' 0"
Weight 144lbs
Hair Colour Dark Blonde
Eye Colour Green
Spelluser Type Semi
Hometown Unknown,
Movement 80' /80'
Experience 183,512
Next Level 210,000
Infravision 60'
Soul Departure 3

Additional Details
Handedness Right Handed
Birthmarks None
Scars None
Hobbies None
Allergies None
Phobias None
Addictions None
Prejudices None

Family Details
Father Suthlar Alkoris
Mother Vorren Alkoris
Siblings Ranguar, Nerrion
Marital Status Single
Spouse / Partner None
Children None

Rank Development Cost: 3/*
Language Spoken Written
Common 5 3
Elvish 8 3
Dragon 3 1
Back Story
Linguer Alkoris was born in 1227 in the wood elf village of Hareithel, in the Woods of Ashaba and was the firstborn of the three sons of Suthlar and Vorren Alkoris. From the moment he could walk Linguer was off exploring the forest and tracking animals, much to his mother's concern and his father's pride. He loved the forest and he loved its animals and began his own training decades before his 'coming of age' ceremony at 110 years old allowed him to join the Cormanthyr Defenders, a paramilitary group of Rangers, Druids and other Forest defenders spying, thwarting and fighting the fell beasts that sought to dominate and pollute the great forest of Cormanthyr. Linguer excelled at his bowcraft and sought greater and greater glory for Solonor, the Great Hunter God.

At 118 years of age, Linguer was taken aside by his Commander, Allinen Morstar and told that he was being considered as a Commander himself of a unit of Cormanthyr Defenders. In order to be considered for that role however, Linguer would need to go out into the world of humans for at least ten years and gain experience with it's people, towns and terrain. He would need to make allies for the Wood Elves and learn the greater picture. Upon his return, and after a further 2 years in the Defenders, he would be given his own unit to command.

Linguer leapt at the chance to be a Commander in his beloved Defenders and immediately set off for Shadowdale to find an adventuring company to join.

Linguer is a thoughtful and contemplative elf able to remain in perfect silence while hunting for days at a time. He is always respectful of others and expects the same in return. He prays a silent thanks to Solonor Thelandira everytime his longbow sings and strikes true.