Mathael Darcine
9th Level High Elf NightBlade
Power Points
Armour Type
Defensive Bonus

Herbs & Poisons

Basic Profile
Name Mathael Darcine
Player Jack
Level 9th
Gender Male
Race High Elf
Profession NightBlade
Alignment Chaotic Good
Date of Birth 8th of Uktar, 1204
Age 142
Height 6' 2"
Weight 175lbs
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Silver
Spelluser Type Semi
Hometown Unknown,
Movement 53' /62'
Experience 140,037
Next Level 150,000
Infravision 60'
Soul Departure 2

Additional Details
Handedness Right Handed
Birthmarks None
Scars None
Hobbies None
Allergies None
Phobias None
Addictions None
Prejudices None

Family Details
Father Ferenel Darcine (Deceased)
Mother Giddia Darcine (Deceased)
Siblings None
Marital Status Single
Spouse / Partner None
Children None

Rank Development Cost: 3/*
Language Spoken Written
Elvish 8 5
Common 6 5
Back Story
Mathael Darcine was the only child born to Ferenell & Giddia Darcine, in the town of Coltaur near the remains of the Tangled Trees in 1204DR. Less than six months after his birth, the village of Coltaur was wiped out by an Orc and Ogre incursion that saw the deaths of hundreds of Elves, including Mathael's parents. How the child survived the carnage is anyone's guess but he was found by Elstrin Raystil when his unit arrived too late to help. Elstrin was Master of Shadows for the High Council of Elves and saw destiny in Mathael's survival and sought guardianship of the boy and had it granted. Mathael spent his young life learning the arts of the shadows, penetrating deep into drow enclaves and fell beast encampments manipulating, assassinating and doing the bidding of the High Council to protect and serve the Elven people.

When news of a new and hopeful reclamation of Phlan reached the ears of the High Council, they saw opportunity to not only create a powerful new ally in the North but also an opportunity to regain lost Elven treasures in the Ruins of Phlan. Mathael was sent to Phlan to join a company and carry out the directions of the High Council, a mission he was only too happy to accept.

Mathael is as lethal as he is devoted to the victory of Good over Evil. Every life he takes is dedicated to Sehanine Moonbow and he believes that the end always justifies the means, particularly in the case of overcoming the spreading evil of the fell races.