Ishmale Delmeive
8th Level Northman Lay Healer
Power Points
Armour Type
Defensive Bonus

Herbs & Poisons

Basic Profile
Name Ishmale Delmeive
Player Tom F
Level 8th
Gender Male
Race Northman
Profession Lay Healer
Alignment Chaotic Good
Date of Birth 7th of Flamerule, 1307
Age 39
Height 6' 2"
Weight 264lbs
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Black
Spelluser Type Pure
Hometown Throm, Narfell
Movement 50' /50'
Experience 129,723
Next Level 130,000
Infravision 0'
Soul Departure 10

Additional Details
Handedness Right Handed
Scars Severe Burn Scars over entire body
Phobias Fire (especially Dragon Breath)

Family Details
Father Taedden (Deceased)
Mother Sirhi
Siblings Skirel (Sister)
Marital Status Single
Spouse / Partner None
Children None

Rank Development Cost: 2/*
Language Spoken Written
Naric 5 5
Common 5 5
Elvish 3 3
Back Story
Ishmale was born in the height of the summer heat of 1307 to Taedden & Sirhi Delmeive, members of the Throm clan of the Nar tribesmen that ride the plains of fallen Narfell. Taedden was a keen hunter and one of the tribe's best bowmen. Sirhi was a healer renowned for her herbal knowledge and medicinal arts. Ishmale was a keen student and by his coming of age as a man had nearly equalled his father in bringing down game with his Longbow. He was also a dedicated student when learning & studying his mother's healing knowledge.

At the height of summer, on his 35th birthday, 1342, Ishmale, his father and both of his uncles went hunting for the Elkbeasts that roamed north in the summertime. A week long pursuit of the Elkbeasts usually resulted in the men bringing home three or four of the highly sort after animals and it was a long savoured annual event for the family. Unknown to the small group of hunters however, they weren't the only predators looking for their next meal. Azzajrax the ancient Red Dragon had awoken from her near century long slumber in the Giantspire Mountains and was roaming the plains looking for prey. Happening upon the unlucky group of hunters she quickly attacked, roasting man and horse alike with her fiery breath. Ishmale survived only because Azzajrax satiated herself feeding on the bodies of his father and uncles and their horses and stopped to sleep awhile.

Near death, Ishmale regained consciousness and found himself severely burned and in terrible agony. Luckily his screams failed to wake the sleeping dragon and Ishmale managed to crawl away to a nearby creek where he happened upon both Crfree Mustard bushes and Alambas grass. Over the next three weeks Ishmale managed to keep himself alive and work his way back to his tribe, though he would be forever horribly scarred and disfigured.

Unable to fully cope with what happened and after being again shunned for his horrific appearance by a girl he fancied, in the autumn of 1346, Ishmale decided to journey to Phlan where he had heard, from a travelling trader, that great work was being done against the forces of Evil.

Ishmale is a quiet, dependable and unassuming individual dedicated to perfecting both his healing arts and his Longbow skill. To avoid people recoiling at his appearance, Ishmale wears cloth wrap over most of his face to hide his terrible scarring.