Shaegoth Fin
12th Level Half-Elf Mage-Priest
Power Points
Armour Type
Defensive Bonus

Herbs & Poisons

Basic Profile
Name Shaegoth Fin
Player Andrew
Level 12th
Gender Male
Race Half-Elf
Profession Mage-Priest
Alignment Neutral Good
Date of Birth 2nd of Hammer, 1318
Age 29
Height 5' 10"
Weight 130lbs
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Grey
Spelluser Type Hybrid
Hometown Tilverton, Cormyr
Movement 32' /44'
Experience 210,287
Next Level 240,000
Infravision 60'
Soul Departure 3

Additional Details
Handedness Right Handed
Birthmarks None
Scars None
Hobbies None
Allergies None
Phobias None
Addictions None
Prejudices None

Family Details
Father Homilus Fin
Mother Shamia Fin
Siblings None
Marital Status Single
Spouse / Partner None
Children None

Rank Development Cost: 2/*
Language Spoken Written
Common 8 8
Elvish 5 5
Goblin 2 3
Ancient Human 5 5
Essence 6 6
Channeling 6 6
Back Story
Sheagoth is the sole child of Homilus and Shamia Fin. Homilus was a court wizard and advisor to Baron Halikmor of Cormyr and respected noble of the region. Shamia was a priest of Ao and followed the teachings that magic was unnecessary in the healing of the sick, lame and injured. Sheagoth spent most of his early years reading alone and with his father learning of magic. He occasionally went with his mother to the temple of Ao where she worked and he always felt sorry for the people who ended up there that the clerics didn't just fix them with magic. He thought it was cruel and unnecessary to not help these poor wretches heal faster with magic and therefore distanced himself from his mother somewhat.

Once Sheagoth was able to read and write, he most often relaxed by reading philosophy and writing poetry. He enjoyed merging the two and hiding triggers to epiphanies that he had had inside his prose. He made them longer and more complex the more he worked on them. Tackling subjects from local legends to the gods themselves.

At 8 he started his formal education and became a prodigy of all the teachings that he received in magic and research including divination, channelling and magic lore. His father also insisted, to Sheagoth's surprise and chagrin, that he also practiced and studied things such as folk tales and stories of the region. He was shown special ways to make remembering easier and he noticed, after a time, that these provided him with an increased ability to recall even the most obscure reference. He was able to incorporate his love of poetry into these lessons, taking immense pride in the fact that he hid this fact from his father. Sheagoth didn't particularly enjoy the outdoor exercises like riding or swimming. His father even had him practicing following the servants around the town, without being seen, and reporting back to him. He was quite close with some and felt that this was a betrayal of their friendship. By the time Sheagoth was 10 he was assisting his father as a scribe and research assistant, due to his diligence and his father's ailing health. He was questioned by his father constantly on subjects ranging from local landmarks and neighbouring states to magical reagents.

At the age of 12 his father passed away due to pneumonia in a feeble, weakened state. He and his mother both knew it was coming but it still devastated them both. For months his mother had been tending only him and doing everything in her power to stave off the inevitable. Sheagoth spent most of his time now working alongside his mother. Frustrated with the attempts at healing with herbs and poultices, Sheagoth asked his mother why she didn't just cast a spell to cure his father. This was a question he asked her many times to which she always just said "This is Lord Ao's will... to heal ourselves." But he was grown now and demanded a better explanation. She finally sat him down and said "Most priests cast a spell which is a request that their deity channel energy through the priest and fix the ailment. Ao doesn't acquiesce to such demands of men. Gods are not at the beck and call of men, to be demanded of. Men must fend for themselves and only make a request of their deity when their mortal attempts have been exhausted. If Ao deems my work adequate, then the patient will live. It isn't the instant gratification that most have come to expect, but it is more in keeping with nature"

After his father's passing he kept up with some of his other lessons but started going with his mother to the temple. Still frustrated with the slow pace of recovery for the patients, he made a decision to not follow the teachings of Ao, but he did learn the wisdom of patience and utilising other means by which to heal the sick and dying. He chose to follow Mystra, the mistress of magic herself, because he felt that through her and her teachings he could truly help those in need. He still recites some of the passages and dogma that his mother taught him when treating patients and teaching novices, which raises some eyebrows, but he believes that this is the path that his lady Mystra has set out for him to follow.

Shaegoth is a patient, level-headed and curious champion of the down-trodden. A devoted follower of Mystra, he seeks to spread word of her wisdom throughout the lands and bring healing and compassion to those in need.