The Lost Uncle

Drakes Farm
Eastern Cormanthor

22nd of Hammer, 1347 to 2nd of Alturiak, 1347

While home for a visit, Tarron is invited to a dinner with the elders of his village. They firstly praise him for the notoriety he has earned from his adventure at the Spider Farm before requesting him (and softly pleading with him) to try and find the lost town cleric (who also happened to be Tarron's uncle), Goronak the Grey, who had set off after a vision from Clanggedin Silverbeard to find and destroy an ancient dwarven alter desecrated in the name of the God Bhaal many decades ago. The last information they had received from Goronak was that he was at the town of Drake's Farm and felt he was closer than ever to locating the alter. That was 9 months ago. Tarron agreed to talk to the Company of the Blessed Steel to see if they would help look for his Uncle. They agreed without hesitation and the Company set off for Drake's Farm in Eastern Cormanthyr to see if they could pick up his trail.

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Party Members
Shaegoth Fin
2nd Level

"It's Mystra... I'm weeping... I'm weeping"
Tarron Opla
3rd Level

"Screw this crap... I'll smash the altar with my axe!"
Linguer Alkoris
3rd Level
Wood Elf

"I'll just stay out here and keep watch"
Rosibi Osifi
3rd Level

"Is anyone paying us to look for this Uncle?"
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Based on: An original adventure!