The Spider Farm

Oleg's Spider Farm
The Spiderhaunt Woods

30th of Marpenoth, 1346 to 16th of Uktar, 1346

The Company of the Blessed Steel has been formed. Linguer of the Woods of Ashaba, Tarron of the Dagger Hills and Shaegoth & Rosibi of Tilverton have found their paths merging in the town of Shadowdale and have agreed to work together to bring glory to their gods and justice to the downtrodden.

But all glorious endeavours begin small and the company looks for some quick work and some quick coin to fund their plans. Answering a notice at the Old Skull Inn, the company meets Oleg Reyn who owns a Spider Farm in partnership with his brother Ulayah. The successful farm lies on the edge of the Spiderhaunt Woods some four days ride from Shadowdale. Oleg lives in Shadowdale handling trade deals while his brother Ulayah manages the farm and its staff of twenty six workers.

Oleg's needs are two-fold. Firstly he needs guards for a caravan of supplies heading to the farm and secondly he needs someone to let him know if everything is alright at the farm as the last guards who brought the caravan into Shadowdale said the place was haunted and refused to escort the caravan back. They claimed to have heard drums in the night and witnessed fast shadowy ghosts flitting around the farm, extinguishing lights and setting spiders loose. A number of the workers are said to have either fled the farm or been abducted by the ghosts. Oleg believes it to be a lot of hogwash and asks the company to investigate and report back to him. Sensing a good opportunity to make a name for themselves the company makes the deal.

Five days later the company arrives at the farm to find utter chaos afoot. The 'ghosts' turned out to be shadow goblins, fast lethal & cunning and ruthlessly devoted to the glory of Lloth, the Goddess of Spiders. The goblins have the farm under siege with only Ulayah, his daughter Heri, his wife Shimla and twelve remaining workers anxiously holding the fort whilst nursing numerous injuries. Initially met with hostility and suspicion by the farmers, the company is confined to the stables to sleep. Despite their ill treatment the company begin to investigate the shadow goblins and their incursions into the farm, discovering their agenda to free all the spiders and make a sacrifice to the Queen Spider that lives in a cage covered crevasse on the farm.

The farming of the spiders and caging of the Spider Queen is considered an insult to Lloth and the goblins attack the farm in the dead of night on the third day seeking to wipe out all resistance. The company fights tooth and nail alongside the farmers, eventually beating back the goblin forces though unfortunately not in time to prevent the capture of Heri.

Desperately searching the farm buildings and surrounds for the lost girl they finally sight her only to see the goblins hurl her into the Spider Queen's pit. They quickly defeat and chase off the last of the goblins and head into the pit to rescue Ulayah's beloved daughter. After fighting their way through numerous guardian spiders, they find Heri cocooned in the Spider's Queen's lair, poison already coursing through her veins. Unfortunately the Spider Queen was not prepared to surrender her next meal without a fight and the company had to kill her to save the girl. Returning Heri to her mother and father, just in time for them to administer an antidote and save her, won the company the eternal gratitude and friendship of the erstwhile farmers as well as an additional reward for their efforts.

After a rough trip home along The North Ride, the company returned to Shadowdale to report what happened and to pass on a letter to Oleg from Ulayah. Oleg's gratitude was such that he offered the company the use of a vacant farmhouse in the northern area of Shadowdale for their use, rent free for twelve months, as well as his eternal goodwill.

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Party Members
Shaegoth Fin
1st Level

"I'll grab the crossbow out of his hands!"
Tarron Opla
1st Level

"So how big do these Spiders get?"
Linguer Alkoris
1st Level
Wood Elf

"Hold my mead... I'm going to kill that Spider Queen"
Rosibi Osifi
1st Level

"Sneaking... sneaking... sneaking... sneaking"
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Based on: The Spider Farm by Stuart Marshall - Free Download